Senior Pet Care

5.25.2021 2 comment

Pet care is always important, but as your pet ages, that importance only grows. Caring for an elderly animal has many complications and many joys. Where they were once active companions who could run across the yard in a second flat, they now have stiff joints, making them move more slowly.


Dental Health and Your Pet

5.11.2021 0 comment

As pet owners ourselves, we at Staten Island Veterinary Group want your pets to be as healthy as possible. Their wellbeing is what helps them bring us joy and companionship. Making certain that every aspect of their health is taken care of is vital for their longevity and comfort.



4.26.2021 0 comment

If you have pets, it’s likely you’ve heard of giardia, but may not know much more than its name and the fact that it tends to cause diarrhea in your pets (and in people as well, if they are contaminated).


Tick Season

4.15.2021 0 comment

As the weather warms, the ticks come out. Those pesky little eight-legged menaces are looking for warm, furry bodies to dig their little mandibles into and potentially spread diseases like Lyme.

Now is the time to start making certain your animals are protected from diseases carried by ticks.

Read on to learn how to prevent ticks and protect from disease.

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