Our App Makes Caring For Your Pet Easier

11.10.2020 0 comment

In addition to collecting all the puppy snuggles we can, our goal is to help make caring for your pet as easy as possible. We know your life is busy, and between juggling work and home responsibilities, it’s easy to forget to give your pet their monthly heartworm preventive, or schedule their annual wellness exam. Well, worry not—we have an app for that.


What’s a rash?

9.28.2020 0 comment

WHERE do we see skin problems, and WHAT might they look like?

WHAT: Skin problems can look like ANYTHING, because there are so many different kinds of skin issues! And because there's just so much of it...



9.1.2020 21 comment

Even well-controlled allergy patients are expected to have occasional flares of their itching when they are inevitably exposed to suddenly higher levels of some of their triggers (pollen or grass in Spring/Fall, fleas, household cleaners causing contact dermatitis, foods the pet is allergic to, etc).

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