Remembering Sandy


Remembering Sandy

For the past thirteen years, the first person you saw when you entered Staten Island Veterinary Group was Sandra Basman. She would radiate a smile to you and your pet; you instantly felt welcome and in good hands. Sandy understood and respected the people who walked through our doors. She treated everyone equally --- with concern and compassion; everyone was like family. And everyone returned that warmth.

For the past thirteen years, the first person's voice you heard on the phone was Sandy's. She always had a good word for you, listened to your concerns, attended to your needs. She conveyed assurance that your pet was being cared for properly and with dignity. You knew that when you spoke, all of her attention was given to you, regardless of what was going on about her. She communicated with sincerity and genuine interest. She was wise.

For the past thirteen years, Sandy welcomed staff, both old and new. She helped make fledgling doctors, technicians, and all staff feel comfortable and at home. She went out of her way to accommodate them, ease their way into the job, feel that they belonged. She provided support when they needed it --- and even when they didn't. She was everyone's "right hand" person. She looked after you, anticipated, worried about you, offered motherly advice and comfort. She was sincere; she was honest and truthful.

For the past thirteen years, first and foremost, Sandy was a true "people person". She showed this through her devotion to each person's pet; her respect for each person's unique style and personality; her ability to keep the peace when it needed keeping. She brought out the best in us and she always followed the Golden Rule. Even during her own personal times of challenge and tragedy, she stayed focused. She worked hard.

Staten Island Veterinary Group has been enriched by Sandy's presence. Our clients, our friends, our staff, our vendors, and everyone who knew her will walk one step taller because of her. We have all become better people as a result of Sandy. We pray that we may continue to walk in her beloved footsteps, and hope that everything she did for each of us will bring comfort to us all.

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