hospital blood machines


hospital blood machines

Staten Island Veterinary Group is proud to announce that we have purchased the newest and latest in hospital blood machines to provide superior health care for our patients. This allows our patients  accurate diagnoses and provides comfort to our clients knowing that Staten Island Veterinary Group is at the fore-front of medical care.

We are also proud to let you know that we have purchased all new computer systems and state-of-the art veterinary software for the hospital. This also allows us to provide more efficient record keeping for both patients and clients. The new purchases will move us technologically forward now and in the future.

Here's how you can help!  Your pet's photo can be printed in color on his/her medical record, rabies and spay/neuter certificates and many other important medical papers. Please send us an email with the photo of your pet, labeled with your name and your pet's name to We are looking forward to seeing all of our patients beautiful photos.

Staten Island Veterinary Group is always trying to make our pets healthier and live longer using the latest technology to get the job done for now and in the future. We appreciate your patronage.

Thanks, Dr. Kessler, Staten Island Veterinary Group Staff and my Devon Rex cats, Lucy and Ricky.


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