Exotic pet care


Exotic pet care

Staten Island Veterinary Group provides veterinary care to small mammals as rabbits, chinchillas, guinea pigs, and other rodents.

Common Exotic Pet Illnesses:
  • Rabbit: Dental problems affecting ability to eat, ear infections, eye infections, upper respiratory diseases, skin problems such as mite infection.
  • Hedgehog: Dental disease such as gingivitis, Obesity, high incidence of tumor rate in animals over 3 years of age, Salmonella, Skin Problems such as mange, mites, fungal or bacterial infections, intestinal parasites, Heart Disease, and Neurologic disease such as wobbly hedgehog syndrome.
  • Snake: Respiratory infections, skin infections, shedding difficulties, Stomatitis, shedding problems, masses or tumors, and burns to scales due to improper heating elements in the enclosure.
  • Frog: Skin Infections (fungal, bacterial), parasites, nutritional related disease, wounds, gastrointestinal impactions.
  • Ferret: Ear Mites, flea infestations, dental disease, adrenal disease, intestinal disease, insulinoma and cancer (older ferrets).
  • Rodent: Dental problems affecting ability to eat, eye infections, upper respiratory diseases, skin problems such as mites or ringworm infection, intestinal issues related to improper diet, obesity, trauma from other cagemates, rectal prolapse, and Vitamin C deficiency also known as scurvy (guinea pigs), and polycystic ovaries (guinea pigs), Heat Stroke (Chinchillas especially prone), Fur Slip.
  • Turtle: Shell damage, respiratory infections, skin infections, nutritional deficiencies and vitamin deficiencies, bacterial or fungal infections affecting the shell, metabolic bone disease and beak deformities.
  • Bird: Salmonella, Trichomoniasis, Aspergillosis, Avian pox, Mites and Lice, Feather mites, Lyme Disease

With Staten Island Veterinary Group, your exotic pet is in good hands!  

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