Heartworm disease/prevention



Heartworm disease/prevention

The incidence of heartworm infection is rising in the United States, according to the American Heartworm Society. Heartworm is a parasitic worm, transmitted by mosquitoes, that can affect your dog, ferret, and even cat.

It's virtually impossible to prevent your pet from being exposed to heartworm, even if they stay primarily inside (just think about all the mysterious mosquito bites you've gotten in your life when you hadn't even been outside).

Left untreated, heartworms multiply inside your pet and cause an infection in animals that can eventually be fatal. That's why prevention is so important. The good news is that prevention is easy. A monthly heartworm prevention medication can keep your pet safe from heartworm without any ill effects. In the southern US, nearly all dogs not on heartworm prevention will become infected. The rate is lower in the northern US, but has been increasing steadily from year to year as rescues bring more dogs here from the southern hotspots.

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