Reptile illnesses



Reptile illnesses

The majority of reptile illnesses stem from poor husbandry. It is very important to know exactly how to care for a reptile before taking the leap of purchasing one.

It's also important to know how long and how large they will grow to ensure that they will continue to fit into your home and lifestyle, because reptiles are a long-term commitment that can become overwhelming to unprepared owners.

Our own Dr. DiGiuseppi is a great source for information on reptile husbandry including temperature, humidity, lighting, substrate, diet, supplements, and much more. All reptiles require different care and husbandry. The below link is one of the many great resources for reptile husbandry, but is not a replacement for seeking Veterinary attention. 

Metabolic Bone Disease is one very common husbandry-related disease in many lizards, especially Bearded Dragons. Calcium & Vitamin D supplementation and UV Bulb lighting are essential for Bearded Dragons and other lizards care in order to prevent Metabolic Bone Disease. Without proper supplementation, the body breaks down its own bones to release calcium into the bloodstream, raising the blood calcium levels to a normal level. This severely weakens the bones, to the point where they can break easily. The muscles, including the heart muscle, are also affected by the low calcium levels, becoming very weak. Ultimately, affected reptiles are very weak, have soft, "bumpy" bones, and may die of heart disease if not treated quickly and appropriately.


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