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Ear Infections in Pets | Staten Island Veterinary Group

About Ear Infections in Pets

Ear infections are a common concern at Staten Island Veterinary Group. Many pets will experience this type of infection at some point during their lifetime. Otitis externa is an infection of the external ear canal or more commonly, an outer ear infection. This is one of the most common types of infections seen in dogs. Infections may occur in any breed, but are most common in breeds with large, floppy ears or hairy ears such as poodles or beagles. Dogs with allergies are also predisposed to ear infections.

What to Look For

When an animal is suffering with an ear infection, you may notice that they shake their head or scratch their ears. They are doing this to relieve discomfort. The ears may become red or inflamed or have a black or yellow discharge and an odor.

While some ear infections may be caused by mites, those are more common in younger animals than in adults. In both dogs and cats, mites can also create a secondary bacterial or fungal infection. Your pet may be experiencing discomfort due to having a foreign object lodged in the ear. In that case, a thorough examination is necessary to rule out infection and to remove the object. Infections may also be the result of allergies, wax build-up, or environmental irritants.

How Can Ear Infections in Pets be Treated?

Ear infections in pets can be treated with medications after an examination to determine the cause of the irritation and make sure that there is no damage to the eardrum. Once this has been determined, your vet can prescribe a medication that is appropriate for your pet. In cases where your pet is in extreme pain, it may be necessary to sedate them in order to complete the examination. The good news is that ear infections in pets, when diagnosed properly, can be successfully treated.

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