Essential Winter Tips to Keep Your Pets Warm and Happier



Essential Winter Tips to Keep Your Pets Warm and Happier

It's winter once again. The snow is falling everywhere, limiting your every move. Don't worry! There are several things you can do to continue doing what you love, including taking care of your beloved pets.                         

To help you get started, below are several winter tips for pet owners like you. Keep these in mind, and you will undoubtedly be able to make the most of this winter season.

1.      Bring Your Pets Inside the House 

Like humans, too much cold can also harm your pets.

Even dogs with multiple coats can experience the harmful effects of winter. As such, make sure to bring your pets inside your house. This is the safest and most effective way to keep them warm this winter.  

Once inside, remember to offer a warm and cozy place for them to rest. This includes a soft blanket and bed where they can lie down easily. Aside from that, knowing where to take your pet in case an emergency visit is needed. Remember, you never know when your dogs will get sick, so it is better to be ready.

It would also help if you have medication on hand for quick remedies in case your veterinarian’s office is closed due to bad weather or any other complications. This is only recommended if you already know that the medication in question works for your pet and it will not give any adverse reactions you cannot deal with.

2.      Do Not Touch Their Paws

A pet’s natural response to the cold is to grow a coat that will keep them warm. Thus, dogs should not have their fur trimmed except the skin between their paw pads in the winter. This will help prevent uncomfortable ice balls from forming there.

It is also necessary to provide a coat or protective booties for elderly canines, sick pets, small dogs, and those with shorter hair to make them feel comfortable. Keep in mind that not every dog can withstand the harshness of winter.   

3.      Limit Outdoor Activities

Sniffing, walking, and running are essential activities for your pets. In fact, outdoor activities can help boost their mental and physical health. Unfortunately, brisk walking when the snow is falling outside is terrible for dogs. With that said, limiting their outdoor activities during this season is highly recommended.

Instead, if you have a bigger space in your house, you can let them roam safely while allowing them to experience a warm temperature. By doing this, your dogs will avoid being sick while still enjoying your company or the company of other pets at home.

However, in case they get ill despite all your efforts, do not hesitate to bring your pets to your trusted veterinarian, like Staten Island Veterinary Group, to prevent them from feeling worse.

Bonus Tip: Have a Routine Checkup

Although the winter season makes most people snuggle in their soft blankets and enjoy a hot coffee or tea, do not forget to check on your pet's health from time to time.

Go to a veterinarian in Staten Island for a routine checkup before the cold weather starts. Taking your pet in for regular checkups gives your vet a chance to look for any signs of illness, particularly some that may be considered subtle in their early stages.

Following the tips above, you and your pets can enjoy the cold weather together. Are you looking for a reliable and trustworthy vet for your beloved pet? Get in touch with Staten Island Veterinary Group today and benefit from our extensive list of services. With us, you can provide the best for your pet from a veterinarian in Staten Island! 

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