Five Tips to Make Traveling with Your Pet a Lot Easier



Five Tips to Make Traveling with Your Pet a Lot Easier

Your pet is used to car trips to and from the veterinarian but going on a long road trip or plane trip is an entirely different story. In fact, some say that traveling with your pet can be like traveling with a child because you need to prepare well to avoid any hassles along the way. Here are five simple tips to help you get started:

  1. Make sure that your pet is in good shape.

You need to be realistic about whether your pet can make the trip or not. Sick, overly anxious, and old pets usually feel weaker and stressed when traveling, so make sure that you get your veterinarian's approval, whether that's from us at Staten Island Veterinary Group or any of your trusted professionals, before going on that vacation. This is also an excellent time to ask for any vaccinations that would be suitable for your trip and make sure to bring your pet's vaccination cards along with you.

If you're flying with your pet, airlines typically require a health certificate, which a veterinarian can provide to you. If you're going on a domestic flight, you can ask us at Staten Island Veterinary Group to provide a vaccine certificate for your pet.

  1. Pack all the essentials.

To keep your pet comfortable during the trip, you must pack the basics: food, leash, medication, bowl, water, collar, waste bags, and toys. Pack enough food and water to last your entire journey, and make sure that you also have medications in case your pet gets sick while on the road. Also, make sure that the place you’re visiting has nice and comfortable weather for your pet, as there might be some complications if the place you’re visiting has extreme weather.

If you need to catch a flight for your trip, you should ask your airline about your pet's weight limit (it might differ from airline to airline) and what you need to pack for the trip. It’s also important to consider doing some research on the best carriers to bring with you so make sure to do this considering the above.

  1. Check your accommodation’s pet policy.

You can't be traveling for hours only to discover that your hotel or Airbnb doesn't accept pets on their property. To save yourself from frustration, review the pet policy of your accommodations before booking anything. Some places have weight limits for pets so it is still best to call the property beforehand.

  1. Prepare your pet for the trip.

Visiting your trusted veterinarian and packing aren't enough preparations for traveling with your pet. You also need to get your pet accustomed to traveling, especially if it's not used to riding a car or any transportation. A few days before the trip, try taking your pet on car rides within your neighborhood so that it can get used to the motion.

  1. Keep your pet safe and secure.

Being in a different location can be overwhelming for a pet, so you can expect some changes in its behavior due to stress. This is why it’s not uncommon for pets to get separated from their owners during trips since they don’t know the area and don’t have a way of finding their way back home. To save yourself from the anxiety of losing your pet, make sure that you bring a sturdy leash and collar. You can even attach a pet GPS tracker to make sure that you can locate your pet in case you get separated from each other.

You can also consider having your pet chipped (identification microchip) so it's easier for people who find it to locate you as its owner. If you are interested, Staten Veterinary Group offers this service! If you already did this, you should keep its microchip number saved just in case you need it.

Reach out to your trusted veterinarian!

Traveling with your pet is definitely a fantastic way to bond, make memories and just explore new places together. As long as you prepare well, you can enjoy the best time with your pet with as little hassle as possible. For more tips or information, make sure to contact Staten Island Veterinary Group! We are also glad to help if you need any of our services for your pet - just call us and set up an appointment.

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