What’s a rash?



What’s a rash?

WHERE do we see skin problems, and WHAT might they look like?

WHAT: Skin problems can look like ANYTHING, because there are so many different kinds of skin issues! And because there's just so much of it...


  • Folded areas that retain moisture and have skin rubbing on skin - armpits, groin, between the toes, under the neck, under the tail, and in facial folds of wrinkly breeds (we're looking at you, English Bulldog). Redness and pimples +/- smell and discharge are most common here
  • Along the back - we tend to see crusts and patches of hair loss here
  • Just in front of the tail ("the rump") - this is a hot spot for fleas!
  • FEET - these moist little doggies are a favorite vacation zone for yeast. Look for brown discoloration of fur - this is a big clue that your pet is licking his or her paws! Redness, swelling, smell, staining of the nails, and limping are also big signs.
  • Ears - foul smell, excess hair, discharge, pain, scratches along the back of the ears (from the pet scratching painful, itchy ears), swollen ears (no ear canal visible) are all signs of ear infection.

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