As a pet owner, you and your furry friend will experience many firsts: some experiences will be exciting and fun; and some may be stressful.


One of the more potentially stress-inducing first experiences that you and your pet must face is the initial visit to the veterinarian: your pal might feel anxious and scared when being examined by a newly-met stranger. In order to help you both out; we're here to give you some tips for making your visit a relatively stress-free experience:

  • Give your dog some car-riding practice and take trips to the park, then to the vet. Be sure to properly restrain your friend.
  • Allow your cat to become comfortable in their carrier. Leave it out randomly, and feed them in the carrier to help them associate the carrier with safety and comfort. Cover cat carriers with a towel sprayed with Feliway pheromone prior to leaving the house.
  • Before your visit take your dog for a walk. Collect any stool in a plastic bag, as your vet may ask for a sample. Bring a sample from the litter box for your cat.
  • Bring along all of your pet's medical records for easy reference.
  • During the visit, stay with your pet and converse with him/her in a calm, reassuring voice. Stay calm to help keep your pet calm.
  • Be at your friend's side and help restrain (IF OK'ed by your vet) and comfort him/her during the procedures, injections, and examinations.
  • Be sure to give your pet yummy treats before, during, and after the visit to make it a pleasant experience for them. Bring some from home, or use what we have at the office- peanut butter, whipped cream and spray cheese!

Your pet's first visit is essential for their health and well-being: it will allow you and your vet to see just how healthy your friend is; and can help you detect potential health issues and conditions as early as possible.

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